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About PAMM

Rooted in Singapore and Sprouting Globally!

Our humble beginning started as collectors and growers of rare tropical plants from South America, Holland, Japan and South East Asia. We are a Nature-Based Climate Solution Company based in Singapore who are passionate about producing the best-quality, great value and sustainable growing media for different types of plants. Our growing media and mixes are nursery and greenhouse tested to ensure that every product works for the species of plants it was formulated for. Every product you get from us helps reduce Earth's carbon emission. We endeavour to be the leading voice and driving force on adopting Nature-Based Climate Change Solutions in Asia.


Creating a Clean, Sustainable and Pest-Free Growing Media

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VALUES AND CULTURE We have a strong set of values that shapes the way we work to ensure that day in and day out, we deliver our mission. Our culture is formed when we put our values into actions. Listening and Caring - People are People are People. People won't know how much you know unless they know how much you CARE! Listening and understanding team members and customers is the foundation of building relationships. We will be the driving force for positive change - in people and our planet. Integrity and Quality - Never hide things under the carpet!  if the product is not perfect, don't send it.  Everything we make must be of great quality inside and out.  Always put yourself in the position of our customers and  the founders.   Cost - Consciousness  - As many people as possible should be able to afford our growing media as a home for their plants or to help them grow their food and crops. We constantly challenge ourselves and our suppliers to make more from less without compromising quality.  Transparency - is about being Open, we strive to provide a safe place for everyone to raise their concerns, feedback or problems without fear of being belittled, marginalised or  taken for granted. We each have a voice, but not always a vote.  Continuous Improvement - Don't rest on your laurels!  We always constantly improve the way we do things, our products, our services and ourselves.  Growing together with you, Heintjie and Avie  Founders #plantsatemymoney